Sunset Sherbet is here!

Ok! So maybe this wasn’t the most rewarding and fun filled winter in recent memory for most of us but now it’s almost over! Say goodbye to waayyy to much dark and cold because at Flight 9 we’re here to boost your mood and fly you to a better state of mind. We have a beautiful line-up coming out for Spring and we know you’re gonna love it. Yay Spring!

Killer sunsets and warmer days are almost here as we speed towards the Equinox and we’re gaining light rapidly. We’d like to introduce you to Sunset Sherbet packed with delicious flavor profiles of Citrus and sweet berry just in time for warmer weather and more tropical sunshine. OG Kush and Cherry Pie with a bit of Durban Poison makes this tasty mix of genetics the Flight 9  Hybrid you won’t want to miss.

We’re all about life and abundance here at Flight 9 – these personal pics are from our crew; growing phat limes, brilliant nasturtiums, a berry filled birthday cake with fresh flowers, the rustic beauty of a sunset reflecting on the side of an old barn.

This is what we’re about, why we love living ‘way out here’, and of course why we work so hard with dedication to bring the love to you.