Happy Solstice! From the Crew at Flight 9

Sending out light and love during a very auspicious week! Our backdrop for this week is a Grand Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter – both have moved into Zero Degrees Aquarius. On Monday December 21st both planets could be seen briefly together right after sunset as one great star.

Think of this as a new beginning. It’s been quite a year! We have passed the tests of 2020 and now we’re graduating. The word graduate implies several ideas; the culmination of lots of hard work, overcoming some mighty uncomfortable learning curves, getting around road blocks and limitations successfully, and lastly – achieving the high flying new perspectives of the world down below our flight. We can see out the window that the landscape has changed for the moment, in ways that are difficult to identify.

No worries. We’re here to tell you the landscape here at Flight 9 is as beautiful and abundant as ever and we have no doubt 2021 is going to yield more wonder and awe, despite all the uncertainty outside our windows of life. We’re continuing here at Flight 9 to set up our structures and systems as a gift to you; checking sensors, lights, and gear before we take off into the New Year! Join us. It’s going to be a beautiful flight.

Celebrate your own life – no matter what has been thrown at you for 2020 – it is graduation time! Pack your favorite canister of Flight 9 prerolls, or our flavored blunts, and head out to view the night sky.

Remember: the joy is in the journey. We have exciting new surprises ahead for you in 2021 so stay tuned and get ready to board.

Cheers and have a very Merry Christmas!

From the Crew at Flight 9