Welcome to Flight 9

With great joy, optimism and enthusiasm we invite you to join us on our collective journey up ahead. In the next several years we’ll be challenging you to think differently – you’re not ‘just’ a consumer and we’re not ‘just’ selling you a product. We know you are unique and so are we.

You have the power to schedule your own flight; your journey, your joy, your freedom. Our prerolls travel with you anytime you want to take off; first morning’s coral and cerulean sunrise, the last rays of sunset fire, the midday calm, or the diamond light of the Milky Way. While you’re on your flight, we’ll stay grounded in the soil, doing what we do best – nurturing the foundation of your next experience.

We love our work here and as a 3rd generation farm it doesn’t get any better than this; being surrounded by 120 year old farmhouses and barns, gazing at the wide open space where the sky meets the land, the luxury of using pristine well water, the incredible luck of having volcanic and rich loess soils to feed our girls, while applying regenerative principals and mixed use technologies!

Thriving in this environment is about being a part of something much bigger than ourselves – and we embrace this concept. We aim to bring back wonder, joy and awe every time you light up. From the crew at Flight 9 we invite you to schedule a flight and join us in discovering this journey.


– Flight 9 Family

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